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British Airways – My first Business Class experience.

I wrote a blog post about my first business class experience. When editing it and I really did not like it so I haven’t published it. Giving every single detail of the journey made it feel very structured, which when reading, I felt bored. Flying business class was super exciting, so here is my take 2 with less details and all of the excitement. This is not a review; it is my experience of a dream becoming a reality.

The dream

I first realised there were different classes for passengers when I flew to Australia with my family when I was 10. It is likely I had a dream while sleeping on this Quantas plane to Australia that I was in Business class. Without a doubt, I have dreamt of it ever since then.

The Lounge

I had to contain the excitement of going up the stairs to the upper deck of the Boeing 747 as I knew the journey would not be complete without the full experience. First stop the British Airways lounge at Heathrow terminal 5. This was a relaxing space with lots of food and drinks (including the champagne). I could get use to starting my holidays in here, rather than the stressful airport terminal.

Releasing the excitement

It was time! I was going to the plane and it was like I was a child again getting on an airplane for the first time again. I walked to the plane and I got so nervous. What is happening? Why am I freaking out? Is it really hot in here? Why am I shaking? The flight attendant greeted me and I couldn’t get any word out. The excitement was stronger than when I went Disneyland as a child, however probably not as strong as when I go back to Disneyland as an adult. ‘ Callum, you have made it!’ my head was screaming inside my skull. I wanted to run about the upper deck to release the energy. I needed to relax if I wanted to make it to New York without passing out! So I did the more adult option of sitting in the seat.

I realised how comfy and relaxing an airplane could be as soon as my butt hit the soft spacious padded seat. Is this even an airplane? I might even be able to sleep! Chuckling to myself as I realised I would not be getting any sleep. I have about 8 hours to really experience luxury travel.

The full Service

Like every British Airways flight I have been on the flight attendants were amazing and they would assist with any questions or requests in a professional manner. However, in Business class there is a smaller ratio of attendants to passengers. You ask for a drink; within seconds it would be served with a tray of nuts/crisps.

I requested a vegan meal. A chickpea curry with with a pakora was prepared for me. It was so nicely flavored I can still taste it today, which I cannot say about any other meal on a flight.

Feeling Relaxed

The 8-hour flight felt like it was over 2 hours. I arrived in New York with little jet lag and feeling so refreshed. Now I was going to have a great time in New York but I was definitely not concerned about the flight home. You guessed it… I booked a return flight in Business Class also.

Returning home

On the return journey I was flying a Boeing 777. This plane did not have an upper deck. The journey to New York on the 747 was so surreal as I was on a larger plane than the 777 but it felt like a small luxury jet ion the upper deck. Obviously this did not stop me from getting the full experience coming home.

My main concern

As much as I loved the whole experience I am very concerned about global warming. I cannot argue the case for flying business case to support the environment as I believe that to be impossible. This is not justification but when booking the flight, I chose to offset my carbon.

Mental Health

Flying with Tourette’s has been difficult. As most of society visions Tourette’s to be tics and loud vocal tics with lots of swearing. Flying with physical tics, I have had other passengers on the odd occasion huffing and sighing and one mentioning I was being disrespectful. As much as I love to fly, if I am alone, my anxiety levels noticeably increase which means my tics will be more visible. Flying business class was so much more relaxing. I did not feel anyone noticed my tics but even if they did, I doubt I would have made their journey any less comfortable as we were a lot more spread out than in economy.

Could I be tempted again?

Yes, of course I could be! This was the most comfortable flight I have ever had, which with Tourette’s, I thought I would never feel fully relaxed on a plane.  The amount of changes I have made to my life after travelling solo and with friends in the last year has been drastic. After flying Business Class, I may be more inclined to go further away from home alone and open up my mind even more.

The return journey came a lot more natural to me. Maybe I am a seasoned business class traveler now! I wish I was but I don’t think I can claim that title just yet but I will fly Business class again hopefully in the near future and one day I will fly first class!

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