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Hey, my name is Callum. Welcome to TouringEagle.com!

I am from the indescribable city that is Edinburgh. My home has changed so much throughout my life. Experiencing the city as a child, teenager and now an adult, I see why the capital city of Scotland is so appealing for tourists, families, those seeking opportunity and even those who are looking for a place to retire. Edinburgh has a dark past but at present, it is a buzzing city, filled with history, wonderful people and a growing economy.

Throughout my child life I went on many family holidays. 2018 I explored some of Europe alone and with friends. My life has changed since returning. Suffering from Mental Health anxiety, getting on a plane the first time alone was challenging. Now I see the world differently. I take more time to consider the planet, my physical and mental health and be more open about myself.

My key interest is technology for travelling and environmental benefits. However this website is not exclusive to travel and technology. As a vegan I will share my vegan eating experiences and my travel experiences around the globe.

I look forward to exploring the world with you