Hey, I am Callum. Welcome to Touring Eagle!

I was born in Edinburgh. Although I still call the city my home, I want to see more of the world. I want to experience more cultures as it goes without saying Edinburgh is not the place it was a decade ago.

Experiencing the city as a child, teenager and now an adult I have seen Edinburgh change. The capital city of Scotland is so appealing to Tourists, families, those seeking opportunity. The outer suburbs are peaceful for those looking for a place to retire. As a result of the dark past in Edinburgh, my home is filled with history, wonderful people and above all a growing economy. However such big changes mean there is always going to be aspects I miss, for instance the community feel the city once had.

Throughout my child life I went on many family holidays. In 2018 I explored Europe alone and with friends. My life has changed since returning. Suffering from Mental health anxiety in addition to Tourettes, getting on a plane the first time alone was challenging. However I now see the world differently. I take more time to consider the planet, my physical and mental health and to be more open about myself.

My key interest is technology which, but not limited to, improves the environment. I use technology to improve my travelling experience. However this website is not exclusive to travel and technology. In addition I will share my vegan eating experiences.

Finally I look forward to exploring the world with you.



Parque Eduardo VII in Lisbon Portugal
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